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101:  Introduction to Hypnotherapy  – 35 hours

101: Introduction to Hypnotherapy – 35 hours

Definition and functions of hypnosis; breaking the myths and misconceptions about hypnosis; characteristics of the subconscious vs. conscious mind; levels of trance; benefits of hypnosis; legal and ethical considerations; basic styles of induction; methods of trance induction; deepening techniques; delivery of trance; signs of trance, minimal cues; return from trance; keys to effective suggestions and hypnotic language; anchoring post-hypnotic suggestions; self-script; demonstration of hypnosis; anatomy of a hypnotherapy session; suggestibility vs. gullibility; suggestibility testing.   This course is included in the Hypnotherapist Certification Program.       


    Upon purchasing the Hypnotherapist Certification Program, you will receive an email within 24 hours instructing you to contact Judy Ward, the instructor, to schedule when you will meet for the online portions of the program.  Material for the first course of the program will be sent to you by email.  In addition, you will receive, by Priority U.S. Mail, a binder that includes the first course and dividers for upcoming chapters.

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