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Hypnotherapist Certification Program

Get certified in Hypnotherapy! - 200 units

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Course Description

101: Introduction to Hypnotherapy – 35 units 105: Counseling Skills – 15 units Learn to provide a nonjudgmental, non-threatening environment for clients, so that they can be more successful in solving their problems. Learn basic counseling techniques including attending behaviors, reflective and active listening, paraphrasing, building rapport, open- and closed-ended questions, specificity and probing questions, expressing empathy, gathering information, body language, ‘I’ messages, blind spots, transference, countertransference, summarizing, suicide risk factors and assessments. 201: Inner Guides – 15 units Step-by-step process of Inner Guide technique that assists clients in accessing their inner wisdom and guidance. Includes video of Inner Guide demonstration. 205: Gestalt Hypnotherapy – 15 units Techniques for clearing emotional charge around relationships and unfinished business; transforming relationships without confrontation; step-by-step gestalt hypnotherapy process; includes video of gestalt hypnotherapy demonstration. 301: Regression Therapy I – Inner Child – 15 units 305: Regression Therapy II – Past Life – 15 units 310: Parts Therapy I - 15 units Uniting and integrating all the aspects of the personality such as the inner judge, critic, cynic, rebel, child, victim, etc., into a powerful force for personal growth and empowerment. Various parts and their characteristics; the codependency cycle; when to use, and the benefits of parts therapy; three step-by-step processes of ‘open-eye’ parts therapy techniques. 315: Parts Therapy II – 15 units Inviting and pacing parts; eliciting shadow parts and hidden resources; two step-by-step processes of ‘closed-eye’ parts therapy hypnosis techniques. 401: Addictions Therapy (General) – 15 units Defining addictions, denial, and recovery; addiction models, pain vs. pleasure; addiction cycles; family of origin ‘rules’ that underlie addictions; ethics; scope of practice; creating and using metaphors; various addiction techniques. 405: Addictions Therapy (Smoking) – 15 units Quit smoking intake interview; various techniques specifically for quit smoking sessions; ideomotor communication with the subconscious. 410: Addictions Therapy (Weight) – 15 units Hypnosis for weight mastery; problem or symptom; set-point level; physiological factors contributing to weight; psychological factors contributing to weight; intake interview; creating client plan; various techniques for

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  • Washington, USA

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